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Do you live in the San Francisco Bay area and need help cleaning your Attic, CrawlSpace or HVAC systems? You need to look no further... You have come to the right place.


At AIRCOM, we take your Attic, Crawlspace and air system maintenance with cleaning and sanitation very seriously because we know the value of clean air in your place of work, leisure and most importantly the place you call home.


With high and low the temperatures and the levels of humidity we experience in the Bay area, your HVAC systems need to work effectively to give you a comfortable atmosphere in the space you live and work. For this, efficient cleaning of the air ducts and channels is essential.



Our company is dedicated to helping you and we do this by providing exceptional customer service the best service for the best price available in the San Francisco Bay area. This is a passion for us and we have been very successful in this mission for the past decade.


Our customer’s air sanitation and duct cleaning needs are our priority and we go all out to ensure we satisfy these needs in a professional manner with very high attention to detail.