Attic Fan and Whole House Fan Installation

A little extra push makes a big difference

In many cases the air vents around the attic do not replace the attic air quick enough and your insulation is facing heat it was not meant to deal with. An attic fan helps replace the attic air with fresh and cooler air from outside, making the attic and your house cooler.

Cooling your house for fraction of AC cost.

Cool your house in minutes using a whole house fan forcing fresh cool air in instead of the hot air it forces out through your attic. Instead of closing all windows in the house and pay a fortune for cooling, open them all and let the fan do its magic!

Attics are notorious for being very hot in summer. The direct sun on your roof radiates into the attic space and building up to a much higher temperature than the outside. In some cases, they may even rise up to as much as 130°.
The heat trapped in the attic may cause a great problem for your insulation if there’s no proper ventilation in place.
While this is like having a big oven in your roof, attic fan and whole house fan installation can help if you’re looking for a smart and cost-effective solution to this intense heat.

AtticFan VS Whole House Fan

Our expert technicians can help you install attic fans to blow hot air out of the house. Attic fans can be installed inside the gable vent of outer walls where they may help lower your attic temperature anywhere from about 10 to 50 degrees by forcing out the hot air and forcing in new cooler air.
A whole house fan takes things further by not just pushing out hot air from inside the house into the attic but also drawing in cold air from the surrounding. The whole house fan is targeting the living space directly. unlike the attic fan the whole house fan replace the indoor air directly and not the attic air.
The whole house fan may reduce your reliance on your air conditioning system by as much as 50% to 90%. It may also help to reduce energy costs considerably as well.

Aircom Attic Fans & Whole House Fans Installation

An attic fan or a whole house fan may be what you need for maximum comfort during the hot summer months.
It will help you reduce your reliance on your home’s cooling system and help you reduce energy bills significantly. 
If you feel like this is an opportunity you’ll like to explore, our technicians can help you conduct a check of your home to determine what will work best for you. You can easily schedule a visit or contact us at Aircom to explore your options. 

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