Moisture barrier and crawlspace encapsulation

Protect your crawlspace from mold growth.

put a block between the wet or moist ground in your crawlspace and everything between it and your sub floor from mold growth and rust.

Create more clean storage space

One of the great benefits on a crawlspace layered with a moisture barrier is the extra clean and accessible storage space for the things you use occasionally.

It doesn't matter what you have under your crawlspace. Whether it’s your HVAC ductwork, wiring or plumbing, or nothing, there’s still a great need to protect this space from moisture much like you would want to do for the other parts of your home.
Here at Aircom, our professional team can help you install a moisture barrier in your crawlspace so you can effectively keep moisture and water far from your sub floor and anything between it and the crawlspace surface. This area is susceptible to moisture damage and can only be kept dried and protected with a moisture barrier. 

Benefitsof A Moisture Barrier

The moisture barrier will be installed against the foundation wall and all over the crawlspace surface. The barrier will sealed with water resistant tape or weather proof adhesive to the foundation walls.Whatever the case may be, there are many benefits of installing a moisture barrier. These include;

Keeping moisture out of the crawlspace

Keeping the crawlspace safe from wiring/electrical hazards

Keeping the duct work protected from rust and corrosion

Keeping your home dry and free from smells and allergies

Keeping the crawlspace clean and dry for storage and easy access

Installing a moisture barrier may come across as another small thing but the benefits are enormous. You won’t have to worry about the crawlspace becoming dampened nor will you worry about corrosion, mold, mildew and many other things. If you fancy a cleaner and healthier crawlspace, you can count on us to help you install a moisture barrier. We’ve had years of experience helping homeowners clean and create healthier and drier crawlspaces for their homes. If you want this too, you can schedule a visit or contact us at Aircom to get started.

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