Air duct deep cleaning

At Aircom we don't use big brushes and big noisy machines that can cause damage to you home and your air ducts and in some cases can't clear the whole duct length.

We use a patented machine that works on air pressure cleaning using a thin tube in a sealed vent providing more vacuum force and guarantees to keep your air duct safe while reaching the whole duct length easily.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

Air duct sanitation

Air duct sanitation is an essential service after a good deep cleaning service for your air duct system. using only echo friendly materials we will make sure your whole HVAC system from the return duct to the last register is disinfected and sanitized to ensure you and your family are only breathing 100% pure air.

with our 2 stage sanitation process you'll know you can't get any cleaner and efficient than that!

Air duct leakage test/repair

A leaky air duct system can cause a loss of up to 25% in energy without us even noticing anything wrong,

we'll help you find and repair any leak in your duct system using different tools such as a fogging machine to indicate air leaks and air duct sealant to make sure no air would from there again!

up to 20% of your energy can be lost through uninsulated air ducts.

our air ducts are usually found in our attic or crawlspace exposed to the outside temperature and sometimes even worst. therefore a good layer of protective insulation is key in keeping your system as efficient as possible.

choose from a verity of duct insulation materials and save money!

Attic fan installation

Sometimes our soffits and roof ventilation are just not enough to keep sufficient air flow in our attic. in hot weather, our attic space temperature can be as high as 15 degrees more than the outside temperature causing such a heat wave that our insulation is not prepared to deal with.attic fans can help with that extra ventilation power were missing to ensure your attic space is properly ventilated and not extreme heat is there to battle your insulation. choose from a large verity of electric and solar attic fans and starts saving money and feel better today!

Air duct replacement

If you feel like it's time to update and replace your existing air duct system in your house or workplace or if you have damaged duct work in your system that needs to be replaced we got the best products for the best prices for the job. we'll help you choose from a verity of flexible and metal air ducts the best products to fit your needs and budget.‚Äč 

We can also make new registers for rooms and help improve your air flow in the house.

Dryer vent cleaning/replacement

The Dryer Vent holds build up of lint from your dryer that if not cleaned properly every year or so can cause a damage to the dryer or even worst, become a fire hazard.

Let us help clean your dryer vent with our professional duct cleaning equipment or replace your old dryer vent with a new and better dryer vent.

HVAC unit general maintenance services

Air duct insulation

Just like the engine in your car, your HVAC unit needs some maintenance as well from time to time.

from filter replacements, air return vent clean-up to cleaning the air handler and fan. our professionals will make sure that your HVAC unit is clean, well maintained and ready to go!

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